Accommodations in Bhutan

Bhutan Sonamith Travels gives you a wide variety of accommodation ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to cozy rooms and homestays in traditional Bhutanese homes. Visitors can be assured of their warmth and comfort of the hotels. Similarly, the ambience and hospitality offered by the hotels are incredible and worth spending time.

The types of accommodations can be divided into:
1. Hotels
2. Resorts
3. Farm-stays
4. Home-stays

Additionally, visitors embarking on long treks will be provided with tents and whatever other camping equipment is deemed necessary. Regardless of where you stay, visitors can be assured comfort and traditional Bhutanese hospitality.


Bhutan has number of hotels located all across the country. They range from small, simple and clean local hotels to luxurious resorts for affluent travellers seeking the ultimate getaway. Hotels in Bhutan are rated according to a National 5 Star rating System. All Tour Operators are required to provide their guests with a minimum of 3 Star accommodations so you can be assured of your comfort. Most hotels provide their guests with Television, Room Service, Fitness Centres, Spas and Wi-Fi. However, the exact services available will vary from hotel to hotel.


There are various Guesthouses located around the Bhutan. They are graded on the same scale as hotels. The services available can vary among Guesthouses.


Visitors also have the option to spend the night in a traditional Bhutanese Farm House. Agriculture is still one of the major sources of livelihood amongst the Bhutanese people and a Farm-Stay will give you an excellent glimpse into the day-to-day life of a typical Bhutanese family. You will be able to observe age old Bhutanese farming traditions as the family goes about its daily tasks. You will enjoy delicious home-cooked meals and the unparalleled hospitality of a Bhutanese host.

 All officially sanctioned and listed Farm-stays are located in the gorgeous Bhutanese countryside amidst lush farmland far from the noise and crowds of population centres. In order to experience a traditional life, electricity and running water are not available at Farm-Stays. Hot water can be provided by the family but will be served in a wash basin/bowl.